How to performance test Nutanix on AWS with X-ray

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End to End Creation of a Nutanix Cluster on AWS and Running X-Ray

How to download and Install Nutanix X-ray on an AHV cluster

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Impact of Data locality on DB workloads.

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Do database workloads benefit from data locality?

Install a bitnami image to Nutanix AHV cluster.

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One of the nice things about using public cloud is the ability to use pre-canned application virtual appliances created by companies like Bitnami. We can use these same appliance images on Nutanix AHV to easily do a Postgres database benchmark Step 1. Get the bitnami image wget  https://bitnami.com/redirect/to/587231/bitnami-postgresql-11.3-0-r56-linux-debian-9-x86_64.zip Step 2. Unzip the file and convert […]

X-Ray scenario to demonstrate Nutanix ILM behavior.

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Specifically a customer wanted to see how performance changes (and how quickly) as data moves from HDD to SSD automatically as data is accessed.  The access pattern is 100% random across the entire disk. In a hybrid Flash/HDD system – “cold” data (i.e. data that has not been accessed for a long time) is moved […]

HCI Performance testing made easy (Part 4)

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What happens when power is lost to all nodes of a HCI Cluster? Ever wondered what happens when all power is simultaneously lost on a HCI cluster?  One of the core principles of cloud design is that components are expected to fail, but the cluster as a whole should stay “up”.   We wanted to […]

Your IO performance benchmarks are BS and so are mine.

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When it comes to assessing fitness of purpose, even audited benchmarks are quite useless unless they incorporate failure testing alongside the load test. I helped develop the TPCx-HCI benchmark which mandates the simulation of a node failure. Who cares about infrastructure benchmarking? 

The return of misaligned IO

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We have started seeing misaligned partitions on Linux guests runnning certain HDFS distributions.  How these partitions became mis-aligned is a bit of a mystery, because the only way I know how to do this on Linux is to create a partition using old DOS format like this (using -c=dos  and -u=cylinders) 

Creating compressible data with fio.

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Today I used fio to create some compressible data to test on my Nutanix nodes.  I ended up using the following fio params to get what I wanted.   buffer_compress_percentage=50 refill_buffers buffer_pattern=0xdeadbeef buffer_compress_percentage does what you’d expect and specifies how compressible the data is refill_buffers Is required to make the above compress percentage do what you’d […]

SATA on Nutanix. Some experimental data.

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The question of  why  Nutanix uses SATA drive comes up sometimes, especially from customers who have experienced very poor performance using SATA on traditional arrays. I can understand this anxiety.  In my time at NetApp we exclusively used SAS or FC-AL drives in performance test work.  At the time there was a huge difference in performance between […]

Designing a scaleout storage platform.

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I was speaking to one of our developers the other day, and he pointed me to the following paper:  SEDA: An Architecture for Well-Conditioned, Scalable Internet Services as an example of the general philosophy behind the design of the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS). Although the paper uses examples of both a webserver and a gnutella client, […]