How to measure database scaling & density on Nutanix HCI platform.

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How can database density be measured? How does database performance behave as more DBs are consolidated? What impact does running the CVM have on available host resources? tl;dr The cluster was able to achieve ~90% of the theoretical maximum. CVM overhead was 5% for this workload. Experiment setup The goal was to establish how database […]

HammerDB: Avoiding bottlenecks in client.

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How to avoid bottlenecks in the client generator when measuring database performance with HammerDB

How to run vertica vioperf tool

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The vertica vioperf tool is used to determine whether the storage you are planning on using is fast enough to feed the vertica database. When I initially ran the tool, the IO performance reported by the tool and confirmed by iostat was much lower than I expected for the storage device (a 6Gbit SATA device […]

View from Nutanix storage during Postgres DB benchmark

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Following on from the previous [1] [2] experiments with Postgres & pgbench. A quick look at how the workload is seen from the Nutanix CVM. The Linux VM running postgres has two virtual disks: One is taking transaction log writes. The other is doing reads and writes from the main datafiles. Since the database size […]

Benchmarking with Postgres PT2

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In this example we run pgbench with a scale factor of 1000 which equates to a database size of around 15GB. The linux VM has 32G RAM, so we don’t expect to see many reads. Using prometheus with the Linux node exporter we can see the disk IO pattern from pgbench. As expected the write […]

Benchmarking with Postgres PT1

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In this example, we use Postgres and the pgbench workload generator to drive some load in a virtual machine.  Assume a Linux virtual machine that has Postgres installed. Specifically using a Bitnami virtual appliance. Once the VM has been started, connect to the console Allow access to postgres port 5432 – which is the postgres […]

Install a bitnami image to Nutanix AHV cluster.

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One of the nice things about using public cloud is the ability to use pre-canned application virtual appliances created by companies like Bitnami. We can use these same appliance images on Nutanix AHV to easily do a Postgres database benchmark Step 1. Get the bitnami image wget  https://bitnami.com/redirect/to/587231/bitnami-postgresql-11.3-0-r56-linux-debian-9-x86_64.zip Step 2. Unzip the file and convert […]

HCI Performance testing made easy (Part 3)

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Creating a HCI benchmark to simulate multi-tennent workloads     HCI deployments are typically multi-tennant and often different nodes will support different types of workloads. It is very common to have large resource-hungry databases separated across nodes using anti-affinity rules.  As with traditional storage, applications are writing to a shared storage environment which is necessary to […]