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HCI Performance testing made easy (Part 2)
By: Date: September 11, 2018 Categories: X-Ray Tags: , ,

Today we will use the simplest workload that X-Ray provides, the “Four Corners” Benchmark.  This is the classic storage benchmark of Random Read/Write and Sequential Read/Write.  Most people understand that this workload tells us very little about how the storage will behave under real workloads, but most people also want to know “How Fast” will…

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HCI Performance testing made easy (Part 1)
By: Date: September 7, 2018 Categories: X-Ray Tags: , ,

In this short series I will describe how to perform performance an resiliency tests on a HCI cluster using X-ray. X-Ray can do the following for the performance tester. Model IO workloads using standard fio format Create VMs based on user-specified criteria (CPUs, Memory, Number & Size of disks) Provision the VMs  to a HCI…

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