HCI Performance testing made easy (Part 3)

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Creating a HCI benchmark to simulate multi-tennent workloads     HCI deployments are typically multi-tennant and often different nodes will support different types of workloads. It is very common to have large resource-hungry databases separated across nodes using anti-affinity rules.  As with traditional storage, applications are writing to a shared storage environment which is necessary to […]

HCI Performance testing made easy (Part 2)

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A simple benchmark for Random Reads, Random Writes, Sequential Reads, Sequential Writes.

HCI Performance testing made easy (Part 1)

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How to create a customized performance test using X-ray.

Your IO performance benchmarks are BS and so are mine.

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When it comes to assessing fitness of purpose, even audited benchmarks are quite useless unless they incorporate failure testing alongside the load test. I helped develop the TPCx-HCI benchmark which mandates the simulation of a node failure. Who cares about infrastructure benchmarking?