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Understanding Concurrency Parameters in pgbench
By: Date: January 12, 2021 Categories: Workloads & Benchmarks Tags: , ,

pgbench paramaters for concurrency control pgbench offers two parameters for controlling the concurrency in the benchmark. Namely: -j for ‘jobs’. The number of pgbench threads to run. -j, –jobs=NUM number of threads (default: 1) -c for ‘clients’. The number of “postgres” processes to run. -c, –client=NUM number of concurrent database clients (default: 1) Here are…

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A Generalized workload generator for storage IO
By: Date: December 22, 2020 Categories: Workloads & Benchmarks

With help from the Nutanix X-Ray team I have created an IO “benchmark” which simulates a “General Server Virtualization” workload. I call it the “Mixed Workload Simulator“ Mixed Workload Simulator The goals of this benchmark/generator are : Closely simulate 10’s to 100’s of VM’s all acting independently Actually deploy 100’s or 1000’s of VMs to…

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Cross rack network latency in AWS
By: Date: August 20, 2020 Categories: Workloads & Benchmarks Tags: ,

I have VMs running on bare-metal instances. Each bare-metal instance is in a separate rack by design (for fault tolerance). The bandwidth is 25GbE however, the response time between the hosts is so high that I need multiple streams to consume that bandwidth. Compared to my local on-prem lab I need many more streams to…

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