Performance Engineering Books

A List of performance and related books that I have actually read.

  • Every Computer Performance Book
  • Storage Network Performance Analysis
    • A practical guide to performance analysis for storage
    • Amazon
  • Sun Performance and Tuning
    • The book that started it all for me
    • Amazon
  • Deep C Secrets
    • Understanding how “C” code is executed is critical to performance analysis
    • Amazon
Computer Architecture
  • In Search of clusters
    • Not a performance book per-se but well written on topic of clusters
    • Amazon
  • Computer Architecture – A Quantitative approach
    • CS4 Course text c.1994
    • Amazon
  • Modern Operating Systems – Tannenbaum
    •  Possibly the best OS book ever.
    • Amazon
  • Panic – Crash Dump Analysis
    • Understanding how code executes in the system is critical.
    • Amazon
  • gnuplot in action
    • Why I like it.  The section on “graphical data exploration” is worth the admission price alone.
    • Amazon