How to run vdbench benchmark on any HCI with X-Ray

Many storage performance testers are familiar with vdbench, and wish to use it to test Hyper-Converged (HCI) performance. To accurately performance test HCI you need to deploy workloads on all HCI nodes. However, deploying multiple VMs and coordinating vdbench can be tricky, so with X-ray we provide an easy way to run vdbench at scale. Here’s how to do it.

Step by step instructions to add vdbench to X-Ray.

  1. Download vdbench from the Oracle site
  2. Get the vdbench x-ray test scenario from github
    • (You can clone the repository to a laptop, then upload to your X-Ray server)
  3. Rename the zip file downloaded from Oracle to The X-ray scenerio relies on the zip file having exactly this name.
  4. Go to your X-ray server and upload the file and the vdbench x-ray scenario files to the x-ray server.
  5. Ensure that VMs created on the cluster will have access to the internet, they will need to be able to install a JVM in order to run vdbench.

Then simply run the vdbench workload against your HCI appliance just like you would with the build-in X-ray tests. The result should look something like this

Alternatively use the built-in Grafana display

vdbench workload read IOPS
vdbench workload write IOPS

Once you have the basics working, feel free to write whatever vdbench file you desire, and have X-ray provision multiple Linux vms then deploy, run the and display results of the vdbench workload for you.

This example vdbench file is supplied with the scenario.

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