How to identify SSD types and measure performance.
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Measurement script

All results are measured using this script : which ultimately calls fio.

Measured Results

The measured results are quite close to the figures claimed in the spec sheet. The differences between what I observed Vs the claimed performance is probably due to a modest 2.4Ghz in my server compared to a likely 3.0Ghz CPU used to generate the reference data.

Sequential Read. 1MB IO, QD=16, 531 MB/s

READ: bw=506MiB/s (531MB/s), 506MiB/s-506MiB/s (531MB/s-531MB/s), io=14.8GiB (15.9GB), run=30031-30031mse

Sequential Write. 1MB IO QD=16 515 MB/s

WRITE: bw=491MiB/s (515MB/s), 491MiB/s-491MiB/s (515MB/s-515MB/s), io=14.4GiB (15.5GB), run=30030-30030msec

Random Read 4KB IO QD=32, 80K

read: IOPS=79.5k, BW=310MiB/s (325MB/s)(9312MiB/30001msec)

Random Write 4KB IO QD=32, 67K

write: IOPS=67.1k, BW=262MiB/s (275MB/s)(7858MiB/30001msec)

CPU Is Intel 2.4 Ghz

model name    : Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6148 CPU @ 2.40GHz