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Nutanix AES: Performance By Example PT2
By: Date: December 18, 2018 Categories: Nutanix Tags: , ,

How to improve large DB read performance by 2X Nutanix AOS 5.10 ships with a feature called Autonomous Extent Store (AES).  AES effectively provides Metadata Locality to complement the existing data locality that has always existed.  For large datasets (e.g. a 10TB database with 20% hot data) we observe a 2X improvement in throughput for random…

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Nutanix AES: Performance By Example.
By: Date: December 17, 2018 Categories: Nutanix Tags: , ,

How to reduce database restore time by 50% During .Next 2018 in London, Nutanix announced performance improvements in the core-datapath said to give up to 2X performance improvements.  Here’s a real-world example of that improvement in practice. I am using X-Ray to simulate a 1TB data restore into an existing database.  Specifically the IO sizes…

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