Quick & Dirty Prometheus on OS-X

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How to install Prometheus on OS-X Install prometheus Download the compiled prometheus binaries from prometheus.io Unzip the binary and cd into the directory. Run the prometheus binary, from the command line, it will listen on port 9090 $ cd /Users/gary.little/Downloads/prometheus-2.16.0-rc.0.darwin-amd64$ ./prometheus From a local browser, point to localhost:9090 Add a collector/scraper to monitor the OS […]

Paper: A Nine year study of filesystem and storage benchmarking

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A 2007 paper, that still has lots to say on the subject of benchmarking storage and filesystems. Primarily aimed at researchers and developers, but is relevant to anyone about to embark on a benchmarking effort. Use a mix of macro and micro benchmarks Understand what you are testing, cached results are fine – as long […]

Simple statistics for performance analysts.

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As performance analysts we often have to summarize large amounts of data in order to make engineering decisions or understand existing behavior.  This paper will help you do exactly that!  Many analysts know that using statistics can help, but statistical analysis is a huge field in itself and has its own complexity.  The article below […]

Your IO performance benchmarks are BS and so are mine.

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When it comes to assessing fitness of purpose, even audited benchmarks are quite useless unless they incorporate failure testing alongside the load test. I helped develop the TPCx-HCI benchmark which mandates the simulation of a node failure. Who cares about infrastructure benchmarking? 

Code Red – The healthcare.gov story.

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A downtime classic, for several months in 2013 the troubles of a very particular website were front page news across the US.  Full Story from Time Magazine (PDF) An In-Depth Look at the Team that Saved HealthCare.gov    

Cache behavior – How long will it take to fill my cache?

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When benchmarking filesystems or storage, we need to understand the caching effects. Most often this involves filling the cache and reaching steady state. But how long will it take to fill a cache of a given size? The answer depends of course on the size of the cache, the IO size and the IO rate. […]