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Quick & Dirty Prometheus on OS-X
By: Date: February 7, 2020 Categories: monitoring Tags: ,

How to install Prometheus on OS-X Install prometheus Download the compiled prometheus binaries from Unzip the binary and cd into the directory. Run the prometheus binary, from the command line, it will listen on port 9090 $ cd /Users/gary.little/Downloads/prometheus-2.16.0-rc.0.darwin-amd64$ ./prometheus From a local browser, point to localhost:9090 Add a collector/scraper to monitor the OS…

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Simple statistics for performance analysts.
By: Date: January 18, 2018 Categories: Performance Engineering

As performance analysts we often have to summarize large amounts of data in order to make engineering decisions or understand existing behavior.  This paper will help you do exactly that!  Many analysts know that using statistics can help, but statistical analysis is a huge field in itself and has its own complexity.  The article below…

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