Understanding Concurrency Parameters in pgbench
By: Date: January 12, 2021 Categories: Workloads & Benchmarks Tags: , ,

pgbench paramaters for concurrency control pgbench offers two parameters for controlling the concurrency in the benchmark. Namely: -j for ‘jobs’. The number of pgbench threads to run. -j, –jobs=NUM number of threads (default: 1) -c for ‘clients’. The number of “postgres” processes to run. -c, –client=NUM number of concurrent database clients (default: 1) Here are…

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A Generalized workload generator for storage IO
By: Date: December 22, 2020 Categories: Workloads & Benchmarks

With help from the Nutanix X-Ray team I have created an IO “benchmark” which simulates a “General Server Virtualization” workload. I call it the “Mixed Workload Simulator“ Mixed Workload Simulator The goals of this benchmark/generator are : Closely simulate 10’s to 100’s of VM’s all acting independently Actually deploy 100’s or 1000’s of VMs to…

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Cross rack network latency in AWS
By: Date: August 20, 2020 Categories: Workloads & Benchmarks Tags: ,

I have VMs running on bare-metal instances. Each bare-metal instance is in a separate rack by design (for fault tolerance). The bandwidth is 25GbE however, the response time between the hosts is so high that I need multiple streams to consume that bandwidth. Compared to my local on-prem lab I need many more streams to…

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How to measure database scaling & density on Nutanix HCI platform.
By: Date: March 27, 2020 Categories: Nutanix Tags: , , ,

How can database density be measured? How does database performance behave as more DBs are consolidated? What impact does running the CVM have on available host resources? tl;dr The cluster was able to achieve ~90% of the theoretical maximum. CVM overhead was 5% for this workload. Experiment setup The goal was to establish how database…

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How to run vdbench benchmark on any HCI with X-Ray
By: Date: March 23, 2020 Categories: X-Ray Tags: ,

Many storage performance testers are familiar with vdbench, and wish to use it to test Hyper-Converged (HCI) performance. To accurately performance test HCI you need to deploy workloads on all HCI nodes. However, deploying multiple VMs and coordinating vdbench can be tricky, so with X-ray we provide an easy way to run vdbench at scale….

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Quick & Dirty Prometheus on OS-X
By: Date: February 7, 2020 Categories: monitoring Tags: ,

How to install Prometheus on OS-X Install prometheus Download the compiled prometheus binaries from prometheus.io Unzip the binary and cd into the directory. Run the prometheus binary, from the command line, it will listen on port 9090 $ cd /Users/gary.little/Downloads/prometheus-2.16.0-rc.0.darwin-amd64$ ./prometheus From a local browser, point to localhost:9090 Add a collector/scraper to monitor the OS…

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